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calmrolfe 520 ( +1 | -1 )
CHESS, as a cause of stress and strife !! The noble game of Chess is oft the cause of domestic strife. My wife is forever going on about all my Chess books lying all over the house. I, of course, deny and dispute this rigorously and to prove her wrong I decided to make a short list of my offending Chess books.


London Int Chess Congress 1922 G Maroczy
Hastings 1922 A Alekhine
Niksic 1978 Shaun Talbot
Lone Pine 1979 Murray Chandler
47th USSR Championship 1979 Tony Miles
Wijk aan Zee R G Wade
Wijk aan Zee 1983 R G Wade
Moscow 1983 R G Wade
Candidates Montpelier 1985
A Alekhine – E D Boguljubow Fred Reindeld
Spasskij-Fischer V Hort
Fischer – Spassky Sam Reshevsky
Korchnoi – Spassky Raymond Keene
Karpov – Korchnoi Bill Hartston
Karpov – Kasparov 2 Raymond Keene
Karpov – Kasparov 3 Raymond Keene
Battle of the Titans, Kasp v Karp Raymond Keene
500 Master Games S Tartakower
Second Piatgorsky Cup Isaac Kashdan
The Master Game 2 Bill Hartston
Skopje Chess Olympiad 1972
Haifa Chess Olympiad 1976 Raymond Keene
Siegen Chess Olympiad Raymond Keene
Chess Olympiads 1927-1968 A Foldeak
Best Games of Chess 1970-1980 J Speelman


Pillsbury’s Chess Career Philip Sergeant
Pillsbury The Extraordinary Andrew Soltis
My Best Games of Chess A Alekhine
The best of Karpov P R Markland
Morphy Gleanings Philip Sergeant
The Exploits of Paul Morphy F Milne-Edge
Masters of The Chess Board Richard Reti
Blackburnes Chess games J H Blackburne
My Best Games Ludek Pachman
My 60 Memorable Games Bobby Fischer
Grandmasters of Chess H C Schonberg


Chess Volume 39 W Winter
Chess Volume 40 W Winter
Chess Volume 41 W Winter
Chess Volume 42 W Winter
Chess Volume 43 W Winter
Chess Volume 44 W Winter
Chess Volume 54 W Winter
The Complete Chess Addict M Fox
The Chess Companion Irving Chernev
Principles of Chess James Mason
Chessboard Delights Comins Mansfield
British Correspondence Chess D Rogers
The Complete Chess Player Fred Reinfeld
All About Chess I A Horowitz
The Complete Chess Guide
The Game of Chess H Golombek
Chess G Abrahams
FIDE Chess Yearbook 1976/7 K O’Connell
Encyclopaedia of Chess H Golombek
Pan Book of Chess G Abrahams
Chess Strategy Ed Lasker
The Best of Chess Life B Pandolfin
The Chess Players Handbook Howard Staunton
Simple Chess Michael Stean
The Chess Players Text Book Howard Staunton
Kasparov Teaches Chess Gary Kasparov
Chess Fundamentals J R Capablanca
Chess Praxis A Nimzovitch
The Chess Mind G Abrahams
Common Sense in Chess Emanuel Lasker
An Illustrated Dictionary of Chess Edward R Brace
Thinkers Chess S. Gerzadowicz
Fighting Chess Gary Kasparov
My System A Nimzovitch
Gems of The Chess Board P Wenman
Chess Questions Answered Larry Evans
Internat. Championship Chess Kazic
Training for the Tourn. Player Mark Dvoretsky
Grandmasters of Chess Harold Schonberg
Chess By Yourself Fred Reinfeld
Test Your Chess Gerald Abrahams
Learn From The Grandmasters


The Modern Chess Problems P Williams
Pick of the Best Chess Problems B Barnes
Test Your Chess G Abrahams


Understand The Chess Openings Reuben Fine
How to Play The Chess Openings Znosko-Borovsky
Chess Openings Mike Basman
Modern Chess Openings Griffiths & Sergt


Indian Defences Ludek Pachman
Modern Benoni David Norwood
Averbakh System M Thomas
Developments in the Pirc Nigel Davies
The Benoni Bill Hartston
Modern Defence Vlastimil Hort
Understanding The Spanish Shaun Taulbut
Ruy Lopez for Tournament Play Gary Lane
Open Spanish
The Complete King’s Indian Raymond Keene


How to play the Middle Game John Littlewood
Combinations in Middle Game I Bondarevsky
The Art of the Middle game Paul Keres
The Art of Attack in Chess V Vukovic
Winning Chess Combinations Hans Bolmeester
Winning Chess I Chernev


End Games in Chess Theo Schuster
How to win in the Chess Endings I A Horowitz
Minor piece Endgames I Y Averbakh
Minor Piece Endgames II Y Averbakh
Endgames in Chess Fred Reinfeld
The Final Countdown Willem Hajenius
Winning Endgame technique A Beliavsky


Centrale Pozice e5 Z Zavodny
Damsky Gambit Ludek Pachman
Sachonva Citanka
Lehrbuch der Schachtheorie A Suetin
Rozhodujici Partie Ludek Pachman
Zapasy Mistrovstvi 1988-1990`
Sachy I
Sachy II

Well !! that’s one argument I have clearly won !! …..err……on second thoughts maybe she has got a point after all…….

Kind regards,

daveamour 8 ( +1 | -1 )
Comment Thats a great collection, when are you going to start reading them?
calmrolfe 89 ( +1 | -1 )
:) I have read the majority of them, but there are one or two that are awaiting study the next time I am snowed in !! The foreign language ones are hard going though......

My chess collection is growing all the time, I can now add to the list

Think Like a Grandmaster
Comprehensive Chess Endings Vol's I & II
New In Chess
Improve Your Chess Results
Chess Volume 51
Chess Explorations
Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy
World Cup Chess

Jeez !! Everywhere I look around the house I keep finding more chess books !!!

To make matters worse, I was a Head Coach for an American Football team and I have a load of coaching books piled up too !! Strangely, the game of chess has much in common with coaching American Football, the mind set for both sports is quite similar.

Kind regards,

Cal (from me shed.....she won't let me back in till I sort out me chess books !!)

greenwave68 31 ( +1 | -1 )
Football and chess I agree, as a Football coach of a local High schoo chess and Football have a great deal in common.

My wife still tells me that I "very wierd" for playing chess online. I tell her that it keeps my mind sharp for the next season. She says "that's what I'm for." :)
buddie 12 ( +1 | -1 )
Football and chess ? Football and chess have a lot in common ?
Football (American) and Football (Soccer) don't even have much in common :-)
omus 18 ( +1 | -1 )
Cal, American Football ? What team was it? In Europe or USA ? Chess is a great way of wiling away the time while travelling as a sportsperson to a venue.....also keeps the mind off what awaits you in the arena!!!
ccmcacollister 23 ( +1 | -1 )
CAL... The proper Chess term for such occurances is known as being "zwifenzugged"....
which also includes being asked (a.k.a. "TOLD") to go shopping or mow-the-grass, on tournament day. As I'm sure you know, Resignation almost certainly follows! {&)
calmrolfe 113 ( +1 | -1 )
omus Therein lies a story. After I passed my coaching qualifications I was asked to become Head Coach of a rookie team in Europe. They were complete novices but we trained hard and were competitive from day one of the League season.

The European teams, like the US teams, have fearsome nicknames, Rhino's, Ridgebacks, Bears, Nighthawks, Wolverines etc. Some bright spark at our club decided that a pack of wild dogs would be a suitable nickname for our club and the name would surely terrorize our opponents into meek surrender, hence we were called Burnley Prairie Dogs. Imagine my horror when one night I eagerly settled down one night to watch a nature program about Prairie Dogs and up popped some adorable little furry creature which looked about as aggressive as an Ice Cream !!!

As a coach, trying to outsmart the opponent's team and co-ordinate your forces with strategic plans and tactical plays was very much like playing chess, except we used people and not pawns to make the plays !!!
ketchuplover 2 ( +1 | -1 )
Awesome collection sir :)
greenwave68 25 ( +1 | -1 )
No, my wife would never ask or tell me to resign from playing chess. She knows I need some sort of stimuli to keep me busy while I take a hiatus from my coaching career. Besides, it keep's the animal in me alive. :>
buddy2 24 ( +1 | -1 )
I thought I thought I had a large collection. Yours puts me to shame. I feel like breaking into your house and grabbing an armful. Unfortunately, I'm thousands of miles away in a distant American galaxy. Keep up the good work!
thugette_babe 27 ( +1 | -1 )
OH MI GOD! you have ALL those books?! how long did it take you to make this post calmrolfe? lol like whoa... it would take me like 7 hours to type up all those titles.. how did u remember them all?! lol wooooow I would've past out from readin all those books =\
calmrolfe 68 ( +1 | -1 )
Not so difficult To keep track of which books I have, I have the full list kept on my computer and on a print off I carry with me to second hand bookshops (to prevent my buying the same book twice !!). I tend to dip in and out of the books as needed, the books I am concentrating on at present are My System and it's "sequel" Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy, which you could say is a modernised version of My System.

I have been asked to coach a young chess prodigy, so no doubt a few of these books will go out on long term loan together with a good chess program to help him analyse his games. So...even less time for me to read my chess books !!

Kind regards,

commodore 14 ( +1 | -1 )
Cal, the gig is up.. and everyone knows you are teaching me now, okay I need to up my game and my book count, though I think I out weigh you in that department at 11 stone?
calmrolfe 46 ( +1 | -1 )
Quality Quality of reading material cannot be weighed, rather it should be judged by the size of the book....the bigger the better...obviously ! Also, careful consideration should be given to the name of the author, the longer the name the more authoritative the works, hence Dvoretsky will always be preferred to Short and any works by Znosko-Borovsky should be highly prized.

As for coaching you... sir, you flatter me, all I did was remind you that pawns cannot go backwards.......


Kind regards,