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loreta 37 ( +1 | -1 )
Morra-Smith gambit I don't play it but c0onstantly meet it in one or another context.
At GK, it was a thread
I could predict what says its followers but it would be nice to hear:
coyotefan 52 ( +1 | -1 )
I feel Great! an easy win!!! Unless my opponent is very strong, I feel that the sac in the beginning gives me a great advantage.

IMO, this is one of many openings that at Master level play got much attention about 10 years ago. It has fallen somewhat out of favor. Even worse though, is that when an opeining sees some success at master level, "John Patzer" feels he can win with it. After about 25 times getting his butt kicked, he either gives up the opening, or gives up the game.
loreta 27 ( +1 | -1 )
Fine But we are not (at least, I'm not) at Master level :-)
Of course, that's isn't one of main streams in Sicilian but it's seen in very many occassions (often in CC, too) - and I meet it and review games constantly - so it's not dead, yet.
Next, it's not necessary about pawn sac - White could continue with 3. Qxd4 :-)
coyotefan 15 ( +1 | -1 )
True 3.Qxd4 is a move But it defeats the purpose of d4. Instead of getting a strong position 1 pawn down, you end yup moving your queen 2-3 times while black is developing.
coyotefan 8 ( +1 | -1 )
In reality With Qxd4 you are playing nothing better than the center-Counter.
smolensk 28 ( +1 | -1 )
I feel when i play the morra-smith gambit and black accepts it with 3.---dxc3 Great! an easy win! There are so many traps black can fall into, and even if he survives with his king, the pressure will often last for very long.
buddy2 20 ( +1 | -1 )
ok in blitz The Morra is OK in blitz, but the longer black has to consider the position, the easier it is for him to come out in the far end with his extra pawn. Hence, in postal I think it's a bust, also on it's a bust on GK, if black takes his time.
coyotefan 14 ( +1 | -1 )
smolensk Traps......translation, I hope my opponent blunders? If black plays solid, the pawn sac cannot be recouped with a better position.
fmgaijin 119 ( +1 | -1 )
Rare Visitor in High-Level Chess . . . primarily because Black has several reliable ways to achieve an equal or nearly equal position in the Smith-Morra (both in the Declined and Accepted variations), and White hopes for more out of the opening. Hence, players wishing to win as White will play one of the main lines of the Sicilian instead. The Smith-Morra appears only as an occasional surprise, hoping to catch an opponent off guard. This does not necessarily reflect on the soundness of the opening (as claimed by some above); rather, it reflects on the practical side of GM chess: you need to win as much as possible with White 'cause only the greatest players get a consistent plus score with Black, so why waste a White on a line where Black can generally equalize if desired? I think coyotefan implies this same point in his post: "If blac plays solid [sic], the pawn sac cannot be recouped with a BETTER position" (my emphasis). Thus, while I have indulged in a number of Smith-Morra Gambits in my life (especially in simuls), I have only played it once vs. a titled opponent--and DID catch him off guard (1-0 in 34 moves). Rest assured, I did not repeat it in that event!
ccmcacollister 198 ( +1 | -1 )
The Gambit was good enough for David C. Taylor to make it a mainstay enroute to the USA postal championship. I've played both sides. And wouldn't fear to play it vs anyone, but gave it up as white, feelling it becomes too Drawish vs good play in the accepted. True BL CAN keep the extra pawn(hey, he better, cuz it the only thing going for him and theres really no way to give it back advantageously, or even Safely, anyway, is there?After teh 1st few moves, I mean.). But the problem I have here with the BL side...Have you Ever seen someone take that extrapawn and win with it, barring a pretty good misplay by WT? EG excess liquidation permitted or a blunder-blunder. I havent. Tho I've played the BK side, I've never won where WT played well. (albeit, never lost either.) I think GM L.Evans would take the BL side in a fact, I'd wager on that, but "I" don't see how BL goes about overcoming the pressure even when he gets pawn & "equality". Even vs the book ideas. (And I feel WT can play his rooks better than that, but even so...) Have I missed a precedent setter here while 5 years out-of-it?
But my Big Problem with the WT side is tempermental. WT is all prepared to Not think for 15 or 20 moves, maybe do his best impression of Tal or Bronstein along the way....Then BL goes and plays 3....d5 !! (2 exclams cuz...A.will equalize B.Immediately shatters WT's hopes & dreams.) So especially to loreta: That's how WHITE FEELS! (Like they guy once said...actually it was me- "It don't hurt, but it don't feel good!") Worse yet, if BL plays the ...Nf6!!! "God's own answer to boring Chess" decline line; well WT feels a bit llike screaming into a pillow, green striped & flannel. Should probably resign on the spot! Anyway, that's why I gave it up as WT.
I might be enticed to enter a thematic tho, as WT. Where Acceptance was guaranteed. I don't CARE what BLACK FEELS. He should probably feel pretty good that He's going to dictate the type of game it becomes & even gets a free, if perhaps worthless, pawn if he/she wants it.
ccmcacollister 90 ( +1 | -1 )
Oh PS: Another Decline for BL is just to answer c3 with the pushpast...d3. WT will get a Maroczylike position, no more fearsome than any Maroczylike position, which even in its standard form is not so feared anymore. Some players of BL actually seek it now from the King's Indian. BL has 3 different ways of playing against it now. 1)To play e6 and d5 early, even as a sac (ala Kasparov), 2)Playing to attack aand undermine WT's c4 pawn with piece pressure and a strike at it with a6...b5, Or 3)as typified in the KI, simply settling for the smaller center, then using the squares at c5/e5 as piece placements, since the WT d-pawn is gone. Or even Ne6 or e5 & Nd4 as per Accel. Dragon.
Many Sicilian players seem to prefer this particular Decline ("Class players" anyway. I think higher rated players tend to accept. Or ...d5. Almost certainly tho, Masters just don't tend to face many SM's, as per fmgaijin!) Perhaps because it still has a bit of a Sicilian feel to it. Whereas Nf6 or ..d5 don't.